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Finishing techniques: for aesthetics and performance

Many finishing processes are applicable to ceramics and are performed for two distinct purposes:

  • For aesthetic appeal (polishing, decoration, etc.).
  • To obtain specific properties (surface finish, etc.).

From green (unfired) ceramic to a mirror-polished finish

Thanks to techniques such as polishing or mechano-chemical (tumble) polishing, we can produce a range of finishes for aesthetic appeal (very shiny, mirror-polished, etc.) or to reduce friction (very smooth).

Shot-peening, on the contrary, produces a “rough” appearance.

Different degrees of roughness:

  • Accentuate colours
  • Produce different visual efffecs: matt, shiny, shot-peened
  • Reduce friction and thus increase the resistance to wear
Ceramic discs created by uniaxial pressing

Discs pressed uniaxially. The black disc has a mirror-polished finish, produced by tumble polishing in a drum.

Ceramic disc with different finishes

This disc has two different finishes: unfinished on the left-hand side, polished on the right-hand side.

Tight tolerances

When the forming processes are not able to achieve the dimensional tolerances stated in the client’s specification, we recommend performing a grinding operation.

Customising by engraving the ceramic

Ceramic parts can also be engraved for decorative, identification or traceability purposes, or to produce any other type of bespoke item.

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