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Ampoule - Etude et R&D

Our expertise with ceramic materials

We can help our clients meet particular requirements or resolve a specific challenge associated with the development of ceramic materials.

Design, Development, Large-scale production, Manufacturing, Finishing

The process begins by considering the requirements specification in terms of:

  • target markets
  • functionality/products
  • forming processes

In-house formulation of ceramic materials

Our in-house formulation of simple and complex metal oxide-based technical ceramics (zirconia (ZrO2) and Alumina (Al2O3) allows us to offer the following services to our clients:

  1. The development of particular properties
  2. Coloured ceramics
  3. The integration of ceramics into various media

In our laboratory, we characterise, test and adapt the ideas and products we develop to ensure optimal compliance with your requirements.

R&D tailored to your requirements

Development of specific properties

In accordance with your requirements specification, we develop the ceramic solution best suited to your requirements


Coloured ceramics

Customise your products with colour

We develop our own mineral pigments which ensures that there are no restrictions on the colour you choose for your ceramic materials Blue, green, yellow, anthracite… Everything is possible!


Integration of ceramics

Integration of technical ceramics into different materials

Would you like the materials you use to benefit from the properties specific to ceramics? It is possible to integrate ceramics into other materials.


The Punchi project

An innovative ceramic bar machining process

The Punchi project (an innovative ceramic bar machining process), developed by Bouverat-Pernat and four other entities, was submitted in response to the 23rd call for collaborative projects led by companies in French competitiveness clusters, and was selected for support and promotion.


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