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Founded in 2008 in Domène, near Grenoble (southeast France), Nanoceram has acquired an impressive body of know-how in the field of technical ceramics.

Numerous successful R&D projects have cemented Nanoceram’s position as an expert in technical solutions based on ceramics:

  • Development of a new generation of feedstocks, CEA-LITEN (atomic energy commission) Grenoble, 2008-2011.
  • Vulcain, DGA (French government defence procurement and technology agency), 2013-2015.
  • Nanomet, LNE / CEA-LITEN (atomic energy commission), 2014-2016.
  • Punchi, Bouverat-Pernat, on-going since 2017.

Since it was founded, Nanoceram has benefited from being classified as an “Innovative New French Enterprise”. It has established its reputation as an innovative company and has worked with the leading technical centres, institutions and contractors such as the French atomic energy commission, the French defence procurement and technology agency, Safran and the leading manufacturers of luxury products.

Nanoceram’s integration into the HBP Group in 2018 has enabled it to continue to develop steadily into its long-term future.

Through working with the other HBP Group companies, Nanoceram can now offer comprehensive solutions to meet client requirements (ceramic-coated metal parts, solid ceramic parts).

The FUI PUNCHI project (the development of an innovative ceramic bar machining process) is a perfect illustration of this.

Building on more than 15 years of experience in technical ceramics, Laurent Gabert, who founded Nanoceram, and his team engineer solutions for their clients by applying their R&D and production expertise.

The HBP Group

A family business

The HBP Group has operated as a family business since 1975 and now comprises three companies.
Working together as R&D partners, Bouverat-Pernat, Secam and Nanoceram support their clients at all stages from co-design through to large-scale production.


The Punchi project

An innovative ceramic bar machining process

The Punchi project (an innovative ceramic bar machining process), developed by Bouverat-Pernat and four other entities, was submitted in response to the 23rd call for collaborative projects led by companies in French competitiveness clusters, and was selected for support and promotion.


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