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Numerous processes

We can recommend the forming process best suited to your requirements.

Each process offers different benefits in terms of run size and its mechanical, geometrical or economic characteristics. We can offer the best solution to the challenges you face, while ensuring full compliance with your requirements specification.

Our expertise at all stages in the production chain gives us the flexibility to implement all the processes, notably through the use of bespoke formulations.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing of ceramics

The aim of additive manufacturing or “fast prototyping” is to manufacture parts by adding material; the opposite of “conventional” or “subtractive” processes whose aim is to manufacture parts by deforming them or by removing material.


Machining of ceramics

A versatile process

Ceramics are machined for several reasons: to produce a part from a material blank or to machine a part formed by a prior forming process down to its final tolerances.


Injection moulding

CIM, what is that?

CIM stands for Ceramic Injection Moulding. This process is used to produce ceramic parts and is based on the injection moulding technology developed for plastics.



A dual-purpose technique

Ceramic pressing is a technique that can be used both directly to produce the finished product and as a a preliminary forming step ahead of another part production process.


Innovative ceramic coatings

Adding ceramic to your products

Depending on your requirements specification, we can offer two types of ceramic coating: thermal spraying and thermochemical coating.


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