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From formulation with Nanoceram to production with Bouverat-Pernat, we are working on Ceramics and Composites, materials with outstanding properties for applications in harsh environments.


  • Formulation of ceramic powders
  • Development of specific properties
  • Synthesis and characterisation laboratories
  • Pressing
  • Machining
  • Moulding
  • Sintering with shrinkage control
  • Finishing: Tribofinishing, Polishing, …
Usinage céramique
  • Design of fastening solutions
  • Prototyping and industrialization
  • SECAMnida : The optimized fixing solution for sandwich panels
  • Ceramic colouring with 100% Mineral pigments
  • Custom colour development
  • In-depth colouring of parts


A test centre and machinery are dedicated to this fast-growing field of activity.  Indeed, with their exceptional physical, chemical and mechanical properties, these are the materials of the future for a great many sectors such as manufacturing, aeronautics and automotive.




A disruptive innovator in the ceramics industry

Building on more than 15 years of experience in technical ceramics, Laurent Gabert, who founded Nanoceram, and his team apply their expertise to engineer solutions for their clients in relation to both R&D and large-scale production.


The HBP Group

A family business

The HBP Group has operated as a family business since 1975, and now comprises three companies.
Working together as R&D partners, Bouverat-Pernat, Secam and Nanoceram support their clients at all stages from co-design through to large-scale production.


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