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Define the colour you would like

Candy pink or peacock blue?

We formulate our own mineral pigments and can produce ceramics coloured to match your branding or specification.

100% ceramic coloured parts

By applying our various processes we can integrate the pigment into zirconia and alumina to meet your specific requirements.

We offer:

  • Production runs of ceramic parts in a specific colour
  • Very different colours within the same production run of parts (100 % ceramic colouring starting from a white ceramic part)

A process appreciated by the large manufacturers of luxury goods

The colouring of ceramics is particularly appreciated in the luxury goods sector, for applications in watchmaking, jewellery, perfume bottling and even leather working.

All finishes are possible on the parts produced using these processes, which gives the client an unrestricted choice: mirror polished, satin, shot-peened, etc.

Coloured ceramic rings and watch bezels

Repeatable, reproducible and uniform, our coloured ceramics meet demanding requirements in the jewellery and watchmaking sectors.

PUNCHI Color: A unique customisation process

This process allows your products to be coloured on demand, for unique customisation options.

It also makes it possible to push the boundaries of the colours typically used for ceramic pigmentation. The exploration of colouring themes not previously considered opens up new shades and tones which are difficult to access using other processes.

Coloured ceramic rings

8 rings machined from ceramic, 8 different colours produced using the Punchi Color process.

Our range of standard colours:

  • White Wine
  • Carbon Black
  • Cherry Blossom Pink
  • Vintage Violet
  • Bergamot Yellow
  • Orange Blossom
  • Tundra Green
  • Tropical Green
  • Blue Note
  • Antique Bronze
  • Salted Caramel Butter
  • Stone Grey

Some of our projects that might interest you

Coloured watch bezel
Coloured watch bezel

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Ceramic discs
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Coloured ceramic rings
Coloured ceramic rings

Block Machining


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