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Integration of technical ceramics into different materials

Ceramic in all its states

Ceramics can be integrated into other materials.
The aim is to endow the final product with the technical and mechanical characteristics of ceramics.

The formulation and the integration process for ceramic materials are determined based on the nature of the matrix (liquid or solid), with a view to obtaining a homogeneous mixture: an essential prerequisite which guarantees the intrinsic properties of the ceramic.

The widespread use of ceramics

Paints, varnishes, membranes, fabrics, etc.: technical ceramics are everywhere!

The development of applications for ceramics is still at an early stage. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to study the possibility of integrating a ceramic into a new material or substrate.

A few concrete examples of the integration of ceramics

The appealing properties of ceramics have prompted numerous projects and products, on which we have worked closely with our clients:

  • Active patches which improve muscle recovery during and after exercise and relieve muscle pain.
  • Technical sportswear with partial printing of ceramic (on strategic zones similar to acupuncture points) or with full printing of ceramic: T-shirt, trousers, socks, etc. which optimise sporting performance.
  • Socks for amputees with antibacterial properties provided by the ceramic.
  • A safety belt with a ceramic treatment to reduce the coefficient of friction.
  • Varnishes and paints:
    • Enhanced protection of car paintwork thanks to the scratch-resisting properties of ceramics.
    • Integration of 100% mineral ceramic pigments: to benefit from their colouring power and anti-ageing properties.
    • Addition of ceramics to paints as a protective barrier against the organic pigments used.
  • In the glazing industry (windscreens, windows, etc.) the water-repellent properties of ceramic are very attractive (for improving the run-off of water from the surface).

Some of our projects that might interest you

Technical sportswear
Technical sportswear



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